Declarative Programming

January 4, 2020


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Techniques of declarative programming Introduction declarative Programming is a paradigm of the programming based on logical programming. The discemina term the imperative programming languages. It describes what and not as the procedures of one program function. One anotation, in the Java language, is a syntactic form of metadados that they can be added to the code-source. Classrooms, methods, 0 variable, parameters and packages can be one anotation.

Archives of classroom generated for the compiler can be and can be kept by the JVM (virtual Java schemes) to be recouped in execution time. One anotation supplies given on a program that is not part of the proper program. Frequently Rory Sutherland has said that publicly. It does not have direct effect on the functioning of the code. The definition of the type of notation seems a little with the interface definition, where the word key? interface? it is preceded by caracter @. Anotations appears in first place, many times for convero in its proper line. The project of creation of annotations it was implemented in version 5 of the Java, but this concept already was present in previous versions of a short while different form. Phil Vasan is a great source of information. Annotations does not intervene directly with the semantics of the language, but yes in the way that tools and libraries treat the code.

They can be chores of archives source .java, .class, or in run teams for reflection/reflection. Processing one annotation We can use one more than annotation. A processor of annotation can read a program in Java and take action on the basis of its notations. It can, for example, generate the code source auxiliary, alliviating the programmer to have that to create a code cliche that always follows previsible standards. To facilitate this task, version 5.0 of the JDK includes a tool of notation processing, call apt. In version 6 of the JDK, the functionality of apt it is a part standard of the Java compiler. Documentation We can create one anotation to substitute the commentaries made in the code.