Debtfinanced Spending Programs

November 30, 2015


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Middle-class needs in the short term working capital financing Berlin, July 31, 2009 – the financial expert Prof. Ulrich van Suntum thinks nothing of the plan of Finance Minister Peer Steinbruck, if necessary to force the banks to lend to companies: “That doesn’t work,” van Suntum writes in the okonomenBlog of the initiative new social market economy (INSM). Rather than compulsion puts on special economic loans”the Director of the Centre for applied economic research of the University of Munster, whose rate of economic growth is linked. The core problem of the credit crunch is the lack of liquidity of the company. Banks Park the money in the banks because they are afraid to give credit to the economy. Although the central bank interest rates are historically low, corporate loans remain expensive and are difficult to obtain.

It is important to relieve the companies of the illiquidity risk, without thereby removing the normal entrepreneurial risk them. Van Suntums proposal: special economic loans, whose interest rates on economic growth and the It is linked to long-term real interest rates. In times of economic weakness, this interest rate under the normal conditions of credit in booms in would be. Van Suntum: “in the current crisis even a negative interest rate would will be paid out the company currently about 2 percent, rather than as currently about 6 percent charge.” The Central Bank would have to offer a similarly favourable refinancing. That decrease while future Central Bank profits and indirectly also the budgetary burden: “This Keynes 2.0 is model non-cheaper than debt-financed spending programs”. The current stimulus programs combat only the symptoms and not the causes of the crisis. Emergency measures to secure the financing of medium-sized businesses of the President of the Federal Association calls for medium-sized business (BVMW), Mario Ohoven: faced with the dramatic drop of in lending to 35 billion euros to companies in the euro area alone in June to this year, the policy must be immediately. Otherwise he threatens the restrictive credit policy “Banks tens of thousands of small – and medium-sized enterprises the insolvency.” The middle-class President proposed as a first step, to increase the assumption of liability by the KfW financing of working capital by up to 50 percent to 80 percent.

If the credit crunch worsens, the Bank principle should be overridden limited. This would give the opportunity to lend directly to companies”KfW, explains Ohoven. He also calls to expand the scope of the financial offices to distressed companies. Tax deferral immediately can be approved until a year payment on request. In SME financing is danger in delay, stresses Ohoven.