Dealing With Crisis

April 24, 2020


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Lack of fundamental knowledge leading to a crisis in the region in which there are no fundamental knowledge. (From author) Why do we need to know the laws of crisis? In order to make the right decisions. The crisis in the economy, as "incurable" (in quotes) disease in psychotherapy. At the "incurable" (in quotes) disease are given advice and unambiguous, it is imperative to verify their implementation. In the knowledge economy of the substitutes (substitutes or multivariancy) suggests that the orders can be mixed to solve the problem – so creates a contradiction or crisis * *. Here is an example.

During the fighting, the commander of the soldier always gives unambiguous * order – where shoot to hit the target. Unambiguous orders to enable hit the target more or fewer rounds. Vague, ambiguous, contradictory orders can never lead to defeat the purpose. In psychotherapy treatment for "untreatable" (in quotes) disease is possible only when unambiguous guidelines and mandatory, the exact implementation of the resulting recommendations. Treatments that do not give precise recommendations and test their performance, can not cure the disease.

The economy – the same thing. Law of crisis – during a crisis, all financial transactions occur slowly *. Ignorance of the law of the crisis causes panic. People, spurred on by panic knowingly take wrong decisions. Instead of quietly keep doing something that brings income. How to cure the patient is much slower if the surrounding environment turbulent, and in economy during the crisis is slowing, slowed but not stopped, all economic activity.