Dakota Indians Life

May 17, 2018


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The Axel Springer Verlag as a henchman, attempts to bring the heavily scratched life insurance industry back in the running! Under the heading are sure the newspaper Bild Zeitung “carried a major contribution through the private old-age provision still life insurance in its yesterday’s Edition. But who are believed to be able to see the long overdue information to the life insurance industry, was disappointed once again! Although profits were a topic, the real message, however was quite another. At the exact reading quickly became clear, consumers should probably be animated to give new blood to the heavily scratched life insurance industry! But how safe is because now the life insurance industry asks consumers? Can the hive protector save really the entire life insurance sector and thus all insurers in one fell swoop? So, this large-scale post raises more questions than it gives answers! As reported on the one hand the dramatic losses and the dangers which have to deal with consumers and on the other hand, recommends you, exactly this way for a secure retirement to go? At this point should be mentioned to the hive protector one, maybe two”save insurance companies, but certainly not all! What did you achieve with this post so: the confidence in the life insurance industry among consumers on the new to snag without this must to give a pure wine? A last attempts, desperately still new blood by the consumer to provide the life insurance industry, but to be able to dodge the inevitable? And what was the trigger that necessitated a so large scale justification of the life insurance industry? Was it perhaps the ARD magazine monitor, which brought a great contribution through the private old-age provision in its programme and thereby joined the insurance lobby mightily on the feet? Here a quote of the ARD-magazine monitor: “for many years insurance lobbyists and politicians have given us spoon fed: less statutory pension, more private pension provision. Now, the financial crisis threatens to undermine the retirement of many people. Instead of high returns, some will receive back the posts just yet, he has paid. But it might be worth in the face of imminent inflation danger in 20 years isn’t much. “A happiness so that there is still the general pension! Thus, the authors have hit the nail on the head. Now these shipment in the ARD-Mediathek is unlocked. It salary just to look, to understand! tv/monitor / maybe still a wisdom of the Dakota Indians along the way: “If you discover that you are riding a dead horse, get out!