Customer Service

May 14, 2020


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If our relationship with the brand is based solely on the trade treatment, upon the occurrence of another that we will improve the offer at least tempted to try it to compare. However, if in addition to the business deal, the company has endeavored to meet us, to adapt its products or services to our preferences and to show us that we are important to her reward the loyalty with exclusive privileges, we may cost a little more get carried away occasional offers for attractive they are. A loyal customer is not buying us time to time, perhaps because they have made a better offer.

It is the one who stays with us despite having been tempted by other offers, is that still thinks (and especially feeling) that we are your best choice. We prefer for some reason that is hard to match and here is the key to successful marketing today: loyalty for what we do very well, if possible, something hard to imitate by others. The economy of affection has Brian Clegg in his book “captured the hearts of customers,” the story of a small restaurant owner that they very kindly attended him and his wife in a couple of times were a dine during their summer vacation.

The following year he returned to dinner at the same site and not only surprise was that after all this time the owner greeted them warmly remembered and when received, but also serve them in the table to exclaim “the same table as last time, although I saw that this time the site had been exchanged. .