Customer Service

October 20, 2019


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Have you ever called a company and was greeted with the phrase "Please wait"? How do you know you can expect? Do not even know who you are. Maybe you can not hold, maybe you have 10 seconds of juice left on his cell phone and your hair is on fire. Then finally someone on the phone, just to say: "I really can not help, I'm paid to apologize, and I'm sorry about that." Frustration over the lack of customer service is nothing new. But it seems that in recent years, companies have become more innovative when it comes to not help solve their problems. Recently I asked a hotel employee to help me with my luggage. l a told me to wait a while and someone would look into it. I thought, "Hey, you're somebody, why can not you find it?" I realize we've been as busy as ever, and that many young people were educated in the traditional culture of service client. But none of those excuses to protect your company in the economy of a challenge today, where customers are questioning the value, even with companies that have known for years.

Maybe it's time to go back to basics and make the service a real priority. Sure, many companies claim to offer excellent customer service. But the increased level of service requires more than a promise, you must set concrete goals and establish effective procedures to address them. If you own the company, managing key accounts or simply by chance meeting of your customers, you can greatly benefit by implementing the objectives of customer service: By telephone Be friendly! Nobody wants to send a check to people who seem to be bothered by your call.