Crisis Year Of Opportunities

June 27, 2018


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Specialization in the computer wholesaler have been since 2008 dragging a crisis, first financial, then economic and industry and, at the current moment, with a great impact on employment. Among the main factors causing the crisis would be high prices of raw materials, the overvaluation of the product, the global food crisis and high global inflation which, together with the threat of a recession worldwide and a crisis loan, mortgage and market confidence, have led to the current situation. According to the Austrian business cycle theory, the root of this crisis is an artificial credit expansion. But there are companies that have managed to turn this situation and make it a big business advantage. For more information see Chаrlіе Lee. It is therefore important to know itself, its own values, its competitive advantage and study your market, your sector and, especially, your target audience very well. Blanyai, wholesalers leader in Informatics for Spain, has opted for his good value for money and its already usual careful attention to the client. Thus, Blanyai has obtained more benefits, which even in the past, knowing how to make these circumstances to provide added value in all their commercial relations.Other competitors bet on lower prices, and since Blanyai believe that they failed in their performances, since if we want to have an affordable price this will inevitably impact on the low quality of the raw material and not so you can retain customer. If the margins already by itself, in this sector, they are very small, if even more are downloaded, be only covered the cost, aggravating the livelihoods of business by leaps. In Blanyai not used the price war to increase the portfolio of customers, as they are already demonstrating every day. The company, computer wholesaler, has opted for the specialization and experience in the sector, knowing that the price and payment methods are important but not fundamental to offer the complete solution to any client.