Credit Card Comparison

May 11, 2018


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What comparison is with the credit cards. You may find Cloud Computing to be a useful source of information. The offer of credit cards is unmanageable, which credit cards are the best and which are suitable for me. Comparison is therefore important and useful a credit card. We tell you what criteria when choosing a credit card are important. Before you opt for a credit card, you should be aware of following points clear: how often is the credit card used, how highly valued annual turnover. If the credit card is to serve only as an additional means of cashless payment, usually a Variant without or with low annual fee and a few additional services range.

Will come to use the credit card mainly domestically or abroad. The fees for the usage in the foreign must take account of more common use abroad, and any additional services associated with travel. Should the credit card as a real”credit card use find, then come the so-called revolving credit cards into question. Here is also in addition to the amount of the credit line to clarify the question of the level of the effective annual rate of interest. Here significant differences exist from vendor to vendor.

The main selection criteria include: the annual fee is usually the provider dependent and the annual turnover with the card made. There are also free credit cards, some only in the first year of use and others indefinitely. The additional costs caused when using the credit card. For example, the fee for use abroad or the fee for withdrawing cash at ATMs in Switzerland and abroad. Additional fees may also arise for any partner cards or card replacement. The offered tools are usually insurance, bonus programs, or telephone service. The number of acceptance points, at Visa and MasterCard, they are about the same, only American Express or Diners Club the number of acceptance points due to higher fees for merchants is lower. Credit cards of depending on the are generally Spend the creditworthiness of the applicant. Consumers with negative Schufa or no income have but the possibility of the prepaid to access credit cards, using only if a credit can be done on the card account, but issued to any applicant without Schufaanfrage.