Create Micro-business From Home

April 10, 2020


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We are living a historic moment in the world. I focus on what is happening in Spain. Every day we are destroying thousands of jobs. It seems as if all the financial and social system that we have lived has been the big lie of the century. and now I reflect: The thousands of redundant, I correct, are now nearly 3.5 million who are going to employ? The industry in Spain for years that almost disappeared, the building is dead, tourism, at least on the coast, is too low, whatever they say the statistics. I sincerely believe that they are manipulated to avoid creating alarm. The English and German public which largely depends on tourism, today has no purchasing power. What resources are we? No doubt the system has to change.

What is the solution? The self-employment. Work from home. The fusion when possible cost home / business expenses. Multilevel business will grow. It fostered more specialized professions. Example, there will be plumbers who specialize in old lead pipes only. This reality, it already is but does not want to see, exists. In the circles financial and start talking about whether the system will be able to pay so much unemployed as much help as needed. Reflection: It is only fair that each person take the reins of her life and is self employment? The classic fixed * create jobs and have their employees, the needs are minimal, zero or negative. My question is, if you’re not agree with me, that another solution exists?