Cranio-art / Christine Foger – Modling & Maria Lanzendorf

June 5, 2019


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A job and a House of full of children that are the dreams of many people. But for many couples this desire will not fulfill. Many couples who opt for a baby, often do not know how difficult this undertaking can develop. As for Christine Foger. As a qualified nurse, born 1961 in Upper Austria, combines them their biggest Fortune with a very special treatment method of craniosacral biodynamics mean longtime fertility went their way by supporting a craniosacral therapy in fulfillment., so Christine Foger tells us today’s profession.

This first and impressive experience led me to the intense debate about the holistic treatment. In addition to my work as a graduate nurse I chose biodynamics for training at the Vienna School craniosacral. For Christine Foger, this method of treatment means development, growth, dawn, releasing, orientation and transition. Gentle Touch has success craniosacral therapy is a gentle form of body work, a work with the power of the health. It activates the self-healing complaints and brings improvement of well-being. The therapy is based on the health of the client and assumes that the body has its own deep seated inner healing plan. On this she draws and starts the balance of all physiological and bio-electrical forces to turn back. An unfulfilled fertility can become reality with the help of craniosacral therapy. Where craniosacral Therpie can still support active, see under or on Facebook cranio kind”. Questions by: Christine Foger Reger Gasse 9 2326 Maria Lanzendorf Austria Tel: + 43650 36 07 136