February 21, 2018


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Once you put to think about what fears you paralyze and which you are fully conscious? I remember, when I was child I had him fear the dark until one day that I needed to get me in the middle of the night to go to do something that anyone could do for me, then I asked myself: and what happens to the people that it is not afraid of darkness? the answer was: they can walk in the meantime, I was paralyzed then decided to walk. We all have fears, even in our adulthood, some small and others large but fears more dangerous are those that we have not noticed, those fears seem strengths and they are not more than a trap of our subconscious mind to camouflage them in our daily living. Surely you want to be happy, have prosperity, be independent financially and emotional but if you realize that are unreached dreams you will find that it is the fear just that you love, fear to grow and to receive what others already enjoy and once from afar as privileged beings. But in your conversation you say to your friends and nearby beings I am happy, of course in general, you have fear of the unknown; is to say to ourselves, to our greatness and capacity building. When we are afraid to love it is because we have not really known or ever presented it we of a disfigured fashion.

When we have fear of the dark is because we do not really know the darkness. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. recognizes the significance of this. Can when we are afraid and don’t know why, then we have the certainty that we are facing something new or unknown and therefore that we cannot lose? If we can develop the capacity to meet us, we experience and observe all our potential, then we begin by possessing ourselves and us nothing already controlled because we are our owners and fears disappear or are reduced to the natural fears, those who alert us to protect our integrity. Let’s begin with the awareness and acceptance of fear longer than if this is denied becomes guilt but if it is accepted it becomes truth and truth frees. Then fill us with the courage to gives freedom, let’s take the fear by the neck, look at it from top to bottom, understand it, put before our eyes and observe as becoming light vanishes darkness and leaving the way free for our most desired dreams. Fears are emotions, such as anger; and as well as anger should not be suppressed, nor fear should be denied. Accept it, he got into it during childhood but now you are an adult responsible, mainly responsible for it, with dreams and desires.

Keep in mind that only inevitable death and she do not have fear. Once you free you of side fears and VIVAS, death is away and only come when you’ve enjoyed with open hands of this life that was given to us to live in big, loving with depth in freedom in gozo. Something simple (if prefer you, Council): spent part of the day to walk barefoot, not you contentes with feel the floor of the House; If you can, go to where there is ground or sand and allows your feet to have that contact is like a child runs, rie is owner of you, live!. Send me your comments and share your fears, that’s another way to let them go. Hits! Original author and source of the article.