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March 20, 2019


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More selection at costume Palace of chic Panel since 2009 is the former costume rental 1001 costumes costume Palace GmbH. The redesign of the website was now taken for the occasion, extremely to expand the range of costumes and accessories and to make the operation of customer-friendly. The relaunch of the launched on 18 August 2013 panels and costumes are required not only to Carnival. You will find on their use, for example on Halloween, theme parties or regional festivals throughout the year. At costume Palace, you get not only the gaudy-colored neon-fashion costumes of the 80s and the NDW, but also the fashion from the musically formative years of the 1950s and 1960s. Even Gothic and horror costumes or the well-known superheroes of film and television not to come short in the costume Palace. With the appropriate accessories such as makeup, eyelashes, false teeth, masks, wigs and other accessories we also quickly becomes a living being of an alien planet. Each costume is the effect in detail.

Therefore, it provides Online shop of the costume Palace a huge range of accessories. So each costume has been upgraded. Just for the creepy costumes the wounds and the teeth stand out here especially. Thus, everyone can achieve effects which are similar to a professional makeup artist and knows each of film and theatre. At costume Palace, there are costumes and disguises for the whole family. Not only men, women and children can dress up here, also for the man’s dearest friend, the dog, you will find the right costume. Costumes, familiar from the film and comic book, as to get license.

Because of this effect the muscle packages and ornaments, you know that very detail of the Batman costume. For Halloween parties, you can find the right table and decoration at costume Palace. If you would like to know more then you should visit Robert Gibbins. These include also chalice, window pictures, hanging decorations and Bakeware for homemade Halloween cookies in addition to lights.