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May 14, 2018


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When we understand that we need to incorporate a regular routine of exercise in our life, good intentions are not enough to achieve it. We need to have a solid strategy to be able to break the inertia that has created the habit of being sedentary. You have two options: you can stay on your couch while you watch videos of gymnastics at home or get up and get running. In fact, if we want to achieve the benefits of the exercise, we have to exercise on a regular and consistent: some exercise today and another little within 17 days does not generate a beneficial impact on the State of health of our body. This is why we must think about something more than the need to exercise, and this is to exercise daily, always. Having said that, and assuming that you’ve already gone to consult a specialist doctor or an experienced trainer and, therefore, already have a programme of specific exercise for you, I will give you 3 simple tips that will be useful in this new adventure that begins: that the exercise is the first thing you do in the day.

Try to incorporate a new habit in our lives is made easier if we begin to make at the appropriate time; and for exercise there is no better time than at the start of the day. In addition who will enjoy the immediate benefits of exercise throughout the day, after waking up is when momentum have to start a new activity. If you think you don’t have time, steal a few minutes to sleep and wakes up before the usual time; soon you will see that time starts to pay you better. Looking for a fun, interesting or beautiful place exercise. The initial, natural resistance in any change of habit, is more easily overcome if the new activity (in this case the exercise) do it somewhere that is mentally stimulating. We also can achieve this getting someone accompanying you in this adventure; someone with whom you can have pleasant conversations while walking.If you exercise at home, it makes it clear that while you exercise you can not attend to telephone or visits. Beam exercise your priority. Don’t give space to pretexts to interrupt your routine. We have to take into account that during pregnancy you need exercises specifically for pregnant women. Surely with the mind firmly set on the outcome you want to achieve, you can incorporate exercise into your life. Original author and source of the article