Contracting Party

February 9, 2018


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The liability is limited to its amount paid-in for the investor. While the profits according to the result list amounted to ten years far more than one hundred percent. “” Can listen not only the investors, but for some time also the assets “, which like already the seedlings ‘ would buy. Most license dealers are usually not interested, the acquired rights of seed”also to exercise. They got rid of the commitment, by selling the rights before expiration of the agreed term of the frame as best as possible. High profits can be achieved compared to alternative investments for the investor in the case.

The coat & Sohn KG usually waits until the projects are ready to increase the profit. Licenses, which are not exercised, but rest”, bring any royalties and thus loss. All involved are therefore interested that occurs a new Contracting Party. Especially the guarantee-giving side, who lives by the ingestion of license expected. The coat & Sohn KG achieved year after year high double-digit returns in international license trade now for ten years.

Conclusion: the general business risk applies to investments in the licence trade. Economic and financial activities are subject to risks, uncertainty and randomness factors that can occur due to General or industry-related market distortions. This business venture will be paid attractive by the gain from the sale and purchase a license at a time factor when compared to other ways to win. This is”the entry into royalty objects that are nearing completion or marketing or in seed transactions, for a start-up base created is most interesting. The entry is worthwhile especially for income-oriented investors, there is also a variant of hedging with capital protection.