Context Ewald

March 17, 2018


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Therefore, we call it Ewald (Wald means 'forest', approx. Anuriel). (Note: Perhaps we should call a scientist in front of Theophilos). Other residents of the estate is not so important, so do not get any names. We call them simple laborer or peasant. Once the "child" was a name that starts further development: Context Ewald yard is located far from the city, and nobody come to his aid if he had problems. Everything he owns, he earned the hard work, and able to protect their possessions.

He is responsible for himself, his wife and farm hands. Some contend that Southwest Airlines shows great expertise in this. Thus, we define the social Ewald's status in some detail. Throw in a few more questions: Does he have a problem with the laborers? They are lazy or diligent? Swears he and his wife because of the fact that he works too little or drinking too much? Or all live together in the mansion? These questions serve to define the nature of Ewald, and thus determine his demeanor. Much of this is the game we did not see, but it will help us understand the nature of the character and motivate him. As a rule, Ewald is working every day, and life goes on. However, this is not enough for the game. We need a problem or a potential for conflict, we also need something to take a player. There, for example, Nearby is a forest.

And in the forest wolves. Or robbers. Or a combination of both. We stopped by a mass of choice on a gang of robbers.