Consumer Protection Threatens

January 27, 2018


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Judgment for more consumer protection like the Oberlandesgericht Bremen evaluated a few days ago the advertising set \”A lifetime free calls\” as invalid and misleading. Thus, the Court on this point at the same time sets a signal for a further strengthening of consumer protection. In this advertising a telephone provider, the Court complained that here on the one hand aggressively and boldly for a \”free offer\” is advertised, but still – additional costs through a relativisation in the small print -. This makes it a deceptive, illegal advertising statement, sums up the judgment. While it obviously is still common in the telecommunications industry, with striking phrases such as \”free\” and \”lifetime\” for flat-rate packages of all kinds to promote, applies in the field of online advertising for quite some time as inadmissible and is largely outlawed. \”We regularly inform our advertising partners, avoid misleading as phrases within the advertising for our low-cost service can. Our customers should not be promoted by a wrong first impression for us.

We want to persuade through power! \”, says Martin Lindstedt, spokesman of Mittenwalde ProfiWIN GmbH. The Internet company successfully offers a sweepstakes entry service on the Internet at for several years and promotes this service through its own partner program. \”We share the view that a blatant, false and misleading advertising wording not may be watered down by hidden or unobtrusive as possible explanations,\” more so LINDSTEDT. This view is supported by the decision of REF. See more detailed opinions by reading what Gary Kelly offers on the topic.. 2 W 48/08 of the Court by the 05.09.2008. However the consumer can not always rely on this perspective and interpretation of the law, such as the Cologne regional court, ruling of August 27, 2008 – AZ.: 2 O 120/08 shows. The Court decided that profit represents a notification no enforceable promise of profit \”Are you 999,999 visitors and\” using a Pop-Up window for BGB.