Construction Characteristics The Building Payroll

May 27, 2019


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Accounting service Kaniber from Germering, informs the construction sector differs from the rest of the German economic landscape. The influence of adverse weather conditions, rapidly changing performance places and different areas requires special adjustments on the part of the employers and workers. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Verizon Communications by clicking through. To meet these initial conditions, laws and universally applicable collective agreements to influence working conditions in the construction sector. It also the payroll remains not unaffected. The germ wrestler accounting expert Michaela Kaniber portrays what basic features dominate the construction payroll. The social partners of the construction sector established in the wake of universally applicable collective agreements, social funds, which protect their workers against weather-related loss of working hours and a supplementary retirement fund.

You exert a considerable influence on the working conditions in the construction industry, ranging up to in the construction payroll into. Frequently Larry Ellison has said that publicly. The contributions to the competent social welfare fund are to be paid by the employers. Of course fails to this circumstance immediately in the payroll for the individual workers down, which dissipate the tariff certain contributions to the proper social welfare fund has. Due to the generally binding character of major collective agreement the employer can not escape this fact. The contributions to the Social Fund procedure is by no means represent the only peculiarity construction payroll. In return for further employment in bad weather, the construction industry collective agreements provide for creating working time accounts. Up to a collective volume, the workers in good weather afford overtime, which is credited to them on a work account and dismantled in bad weather. To what extent has the allowance-free construction of working time accounts, determined by collective agreement.

Workers exceeds the appropriate limit, it is of overtime subject to compensation. This must be considered of course within the framework of the construction payroll. Also play compensation of the Agency for work in the construction sector a stronger role than in other industries. Various forms of short-time working is here more often than, for example, in the manufacturing industry. Overall, the special structure of the construction industry to do so, that the construction payroll has to take account of often complementary services and retroactive data improves. The specifics of the construction payroll require special expertise. Just smaller companies benefit from the use of a professional accounting services. Michaela Kaniber is interested in this context at any time with additional information available.