Confessions Of A Midwife

July 4, 2020


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Confessions of a MIDWIFE Introduccionla life of a gynecologist is infinitely beautiful and rewarding lives, it is a medical specialty that brings us closer to God, which often makes us touch the gates of heaven, with unobtrusive authority, although our misdeeds, puts us in the pocket the passage, for – travel in the barque of Charon to the depths of hell, we journey more than other trades between heroism and Villania (from hero to villain), the beauty of this life, we have inherited from our ancestors, of those, who attend the pregnant woman and help to bring children into the world and just like those people who yesterday were called midwives since the dawn of mankind and that today people aspiring to be semi-gods! call obstetricians, midwives and obstetricians, names that are the same in essence amid successes and mistakes, because if enim-fallur, Sum (if I Yerro, exist)! San Agustin-es our trade exert it on a thin line that barely separates the life of death we exercise in the very essence of the mystery!- There-, where its complications dynamited – at times – the value column, that distinguishes us from other specialties, Claro which distinguishes us No value per is quad gli3r us! (Evident with respect to us), value that acquired it tens, hundreds and thousands of times in the nocturnal Idyll, that comes in the midst of silence and cries of the Platonic homily with death in every Eutocico or Dystocias birth!. This modest memory of a MIDWIFE is a chronological memory in days, months and years already missing, is a recounting of experiences repeated hundreds of times in the life of all obstetrician, obstetrician, obstetrician or gynecologist, is a walk, a low-flying, on the moments those loaded with tension and flooded adrenaline, is a journey into time spent A la recherche du tempsIn search of the time and so many epics lost in the personal history of each midwife, why in this overview I have tried to put together the common cases, which all midwife has lived in his time, in his history, and that without a doubt any – will continue to live the following, by that life continues. Gain insight and clarity with Advantech. & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; & n bsp; & nbs p; Through this modest Chronicle pay tribute to the old masters in the age-old art of good birth, both to those who are still on the Earth, to those who enjoy the glory. This compendium of actual experiences, is a fun, simple, story hours and years delivered with dedication, honesty, responsibility and above all with an incorruptible willingness to serve humanity and defence of life, wills expressed publicly and which were never free of insults, threats and hazards. Do miguel? ngel said when awarded his David, that this work was nothing compared to the best sculpture of history a woman giving birth! And the best canvas was a birth! And these sculptures and on that canvas here we, from its origins until the end of humanity.