May 11, 2018


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Apart from these terrible events, there were far more natural disasters as it is believed in the past. And there are always more. Climate change is largely responsible for that natural disasters will increase (source: World Online). If the conventional buildings insurance covers only the aforementioned risks, then what about damage caused by an earthquake about? A quake like that of last month, also is not an isolated case. Earthquake in South-Western of Germany regularly. In thicknesses between 4 and 5 on the Richter scale are reached. It’s been nothing to sneeze at: brick ever fly from the roofs and vases from shelves. Chimneys could down fall and cracks in the masonry.

You should not need to pay out of his own pocket this damage. And what about floods, a landslide or an avalanche? When rows collapse due to high pressure of snow last winter by the masses of snow who has come for this? Such events are hedged about the elemental damage insurance. You thus expanding the residential building or home insurance cover so-called Natural hazards. Flood, flood, snow pressure, avalanche, landslide, sinkhole, and earthquakes are, but also back storage damage (sewer) and volcanic eruptions can be co-insured. However, it is in many places not quite easy to get this insurance protection. Whose building before damage has already suffered through one of the risks to be insured or who lives in a high-risk region, must either pay a risk premium, to accept a higher deductible or is rejected. Because increasing weather-related damage, and because it is important in particular for people living in risk areas to be able to protect themselves, demands for the introduction of fundamental – compulsory insurance are getting louder. Read also the Confederation representing insured this view, as the club announced in its press release of February 2009. Who would like to know whether is the own residence in a risk area, you can check this here. Get more information for elemental damage insurance and insurance comparison here .