Computing Centre

November 12, 2017


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Low-cost solution to electronic billing (DTA) of AIDS with the payers through a data interface accounting data from all industry software solutions can be adopted and electronically transmitted to the health insurance companies. Also the comfortable entry of billing data directly into the online system of the DMRZ is possible. In addition to the unique innovative technology of the DMRZ, also the prices are transparent and cheap: who pays only 0.5 percent of the gross invoice amount who settles with the DMRZ. Not incur more costs. Electronic billing with health insurance costs only 0.5% of the gross invoice amount no investment costs in software in the German medical Computing Centre. A comfortable software for capturing of the regulations that is not local to the computer of the customer, but installed on the servers of DMRZ, is there more or less free. The input of the regulations and recipes is as with a software, but on the servers except that it is not locally installed on the computers of the medical, the DMRZ, which are under the Internet address.

The invoice data is transmitted automatically electronically mouse click on the cost object, without having someone to worry about email encryption or diskette shipping. The invoices and invoice instruction leaflets can be printed out online. On the Begleitzetteln the address of the relevant invoice inspection body is already assigned to the transport bills for consideration are sent postal. Customers of the DMRZ by the cost bearers at the latest after 30 days get the money. But still more advantages over a software caused the Internet system: so no software updates are required and it is sure that the system always up to date. Without any effort or costs from customers. Pre-financing from 0.6 per cent in addition the DMRZ is no classic settlement Centre, but also no accounting software. The Grevenbroicher offer all services in the package.