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June 14, 2019


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Now complain and move together something if you let off steam, we make polluters steam! Since 1.11. independent complaint Portal is (pronounced: Servicewusde) open for all users. After a comprehensive test phase can now sign up consumers and citizens and abuses show. The editorial picks up every single complaint, thus faced the “polluter pays”, and published the result. Objectives of the free Internet service are the removal of service defects, warning other customers or users of a service and a fair compensation for the victims. Despite the approaching economic crisis grows and prospers the already proverbial service desert Germany”and everywhere the customer interests will be trampled underfoot: since Telekom throw the customer complaints immediately to thousands in the trash, train drivers take rail passengers as hostages to enforce higher wages and call-center (with, without voice computer) can abandon the customers unnerved. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Larry Ellison.

But these are only a few large Examples from the recent past. Worse are the everyday annoyances of horrendous waits in the doctor’s Office, pamp-waiter, to wegfahrende taxi driver, lousy auto repair and and and. The new Internet portal (pronounced: Servicewusde) said the fight at the miserable customer service and promises to enforce the interests of consumers. You may wish to learn more. If so, Cyrus Massoumi humbition is the place to go. Just launched, there are already many registered complaints, encourage discussions and, above all: first successes in talks with companies, because every qualified complaint transmitted to the enterprise concerned with the request for an opinion. These successes will be published together with consumer information in the editorial section of the portal.

The complaint Forum however occupies the widest room, where King can govern customer. United Portal Dr. Geulen Dr. Hales GmbH Neisse 6 53127 Bonn ASP: Philip Welkisch phone: (0228) 956 21 30 fax: (0228) 956 21 60 E-Mail: Internet: