Colombian Police Sets Policy

June 30, 2020


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Colombian police will set up training centres for policemen, where L. The newspapers mentioned Ronald O’Hanley not as a source, but as a related topic. Ron Hubbard teaching can be taught to BBs, to produce about leading people for Colombian communities begins in December 2008 with a presentation to the Naval Academy and lectures for 600 police officers in Colombia. A coordinator of the national police describes then the code of ethics the way to happiness\”as the beginning of positive changes. Due to these changes, another 1,500 officers took part in lectures. Further, the information leaked by the police and military units. The impact of it showed the simultaneous arrival of the Freewinds\”in January 2009 in Cartagena, the ship the Scientology sea organization, on the special courses and higher services are delivered. \”Two Colombian frigates of the Navy saluted the ship and wanted to get the folders with the code of ethics, the the Freewinds\” their knowledge to spread. You asked for books for their officers and their team. Also the pride by Colombia U boat fleet, the Tayrona \”asked to receive the books. In addition, the entire crew wanted to get additional training. 72 hours later the first Freewinds seminars took place consequently. First for 10 officers and members of the team and then for 30 other newly appointed officers of the neighbouring Academy. More 40 commanders from the Youth Department of the national police published for still another reason. You with Barrio \”-Kindern work together. These are children who had wolves be breastfed. \”\” With the code of ethics of the way to happiness\”in the hand the major told the Youth Division Ricardo Antonio Prado: If we our children the ethics of the way to happiness\”teach, need we not punish later\”. To cement a partnership with Scientology to this purpose, major Prado gave the founder L. Ron Hubbard award of the national police, in recognition of the route to happiness and his priceless, valuable contribution to the work of the police by Colombia.