Cleopatra Palace

June 17, 2018


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In China, rose firmly established in the culture. She has graced the festival, and a writer – philosopher Confucius devoted rose poem – the Tao. China has also organized the production of jam from rose petals – a long and difficult process that raises the price quite. This tradition still exists today. Lords of Persia, is known to be great lovers of luxury, could not resist this flower. Bouquets of roses were lined halls of palaces and harems, and around were planted in the rose garden, many of which exist to this day.

Since the climate in Persia is well suited for cultivation of flowers, then Persia, and now its successor Iran, has become one of the centers of the cultivation of roses. The spread of Islam to the east so it became one of the incentives spread roses, because Muslims believe that the white rose grew from the drops of sweat of Mohammed in the night of his ascension to heaven. Persian poets extolled the rose that just added to it popularity, and she Persia in the stories and poems of those years is called the "Gulistan" – a garden of roses, from the word "gul" – Rose, the most beautiful words in the east. Bernard Golden contains valuable tech resources. The important role played by the same position as the most important Persian merchant site. Hence roses spread to the entire East, Egypt and Greece. It is known that in ancient Egypt, scented oils were prepared on roses, rose water produced. Cleopatra Palace described the decoration during the visit of Mark Antony, one of the attribute which was ustelenny rose petals floor.