CLEAN ServicePower GmbH Protection

May 28, 2018


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“, underlines Thomas Michael Baggeler and focuses on environmental and resource-saving cleaning procedures. To constitute extensive energy efficiency measures. Bernard Golden is often quoted as being for or against this. These include such as the reduction of the heat demand or fuel consumption, the cover of natural energy and the awareness of their employees. The CLEAN ServicePower GmbH all aspects of daily work processes. The innovative, integrated cleaning concept brings benefits for companies and the environment.

Climate-neutral and sustainable buildings harmonised and be vital spaces created to the well-being of customers, which include major companies such as Deutsche Telekom. Our self understanding for sustainable work as company leaves us considering the development of the world climate aware and act responsibly. “, Thomas Michael Baggeler summarizes its guiding principle. Background information: carbon dioxide (CO2) is a chemical compound of carbon and oxygen. Originally a gas that is colourless, odourless, non-toxic, and even essential.

But we humans have cultivated a life style and our industry as far as developed, that the emission of CO2 has dramatically increased in particular in the last century. This high concentration of CO2 creates an imbalance in the atmosphere. This leads to the so-called greenhouse effect, drastic climate changes occur as a result. The principle of climate neutrality is basically already in the approach to avoid all CO2 emissions or to reduce as much as possible. In the practical implementation of existing potentials can be used and implemented. Here is the innovative methodology of climate neutralisation. This allows a simple and practical procedure to climate protection during unavoidable emissions. The basic idea of climate neutrality is simple: greenhouse gases produce a global imbalance in our Earth’s atmosphere. In other words, for the climate, it is irrelevant where emissions arise or be reduced. Thus can unavoidable emissions on site A are offset by additional climate protection measures in place B. The implementation of climate neutral activities happens it operationally through the acquisition of appropriate climate protection certificates from recognized providers in the context of emissions trading. Environmental protection projects in Germany are also possible.