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October 18, 2020


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Photos: Color: Remember that the colors of the link you put in the ad should match the color of the navigation link. The color of the text also must match, if possible, with the environment, ie the page or bulletin board, which will be displayed. It is necessary to emphasize too much the URL below the ad. Some experts also suggest that online advertising is best to go unnoticed, to ensure the click the link in the ad title. Where possible, the edge and the bottom of the ad must match or combine with the colors of the rest of the page. Rotation. For those who decide on the type of ads pay per click, it is necessary to note that a certain phenomenon occurs, the habit of users to a fixed message are always called 'blindness to the message. " To avoid it, you can use three alternate colors including toggle.

Google allows this algorithm to the random rotation of colors in these ads. Text: Think of a catchy title and make him a link to your page. For design the ad text, contact the skin of the reader, your potential customer. What interests you? What I would like to read.? Do not overload the text, a few thoughtful lines are better than a brutal words. Photos or graphics: They are bright and often sell themselves. Include them whenever possible. It should also include your company logo to continue building their own corporate image. Bearing in mind these simple points, you can write online ads more effective and see how their views are increased in the short term.