May 18, 2018


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The no-claims bonus is basis for the calculation of car insurance every year is the search in the autumn again, the aim of a new car insurance. The car insurance market is large and confusing for the uninitiated. Because, at first glance, all car insurance companies have the same services and the same fare conditions. But the impression is deceptive, because anyone who reads even the fine print, because the fare conditions and the terms and conditions are often more than 100 pages. The differences begin with the no-claims bonus. Although it talks about each car insurance, but he means not everywhere the same. So does this mean an SF 5, that the insured person the last five years was traveling undamaged on the streets, but the percentages according to which the contribution is calculated can vary.

But now think the differences are so are thus traded up in the no-claims bonus, who deceives. The next difference is often first noticed in case of damage. Bernard Golden understands that this is vital information. There are for example various cuts in the event of damage. So some car insurance companies at a claim of only two SF downgrade years on the scale, while other levels SF four years away. The insured person it could make a difference of several hundred euros in the event of an emergency in the year. For motorists who travel for 20 years and longer on the streets, even bargain can make. Some insurers go 20 damage freedom class up SF, others, however, to SF 25. The percentage, which is the basis for the contribution changes accordingly.

In addition, there is one at this high no-claims bonus, let’s call it, unofficial discount saver. Specifically, this means the insured person of a no-claims bonus, by SF 25 its own calls, in the case of damage which is downgraded SF – discount though, but the post remains the same. The contribution is however twice as high with a renewed claim. For beginners, there is the correct discount saver. The premium for the insurance fails although expensive something in the moment, in case of a It means damage however, once is zero. Some insurance you can cause even more damage per year without having the insurance premium will be promoted. Who would like to learn so comprehensively should pull several insurance consider and compare the fare conditions. Or you are looking for competent help themselves.