Circular Anchor Jewelry Necklace Made Of Copper To Ward Off Snails

March 12, 2019


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With metal chain against slimy crawlers. Jewelry items from the gold city of Pforzheim to effectively fend off the salad and flower eater. For approximately ten years, copper is traded as an insider tip to ward off snails in the vegetable garden. The speculations are still open: spoils the appetite for flowers and salad copper oxide snails or is a slight electrical tension in the game? Even the NABU has nothing against copper slug defence. A metal that is used in the pipes of drinking water.

But how to get to the copper? On the Internet there is the tip to cut old power cord and use the copper wires. Or to get the plumbing copper sheet and to cut it into strips. A Pforzheim jewelry chain manufacturers had the brilliant idea: he replaced the usual gold wire for the manufacture of necklaces with copper wire. The result of the production is a copper jewelry chain, which is around to plant or flower beds. The supple chain links (4 mm in diameter) adapt always the contours of the Earth. Other than in Gold chains are not soldered to the individual links and can therefore be bent.

So the chain can be shorten or lengthen it again later. A five meter long piece of chains with a copper weight of approx. 165 grams will be delivered. With copper round jewelry chain snails are sold but not killed. By NABU they are known as health service of the garden, removed the remains from the area of flora and fauna.