Child Accident Insurance

March 19, 2018


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You can look forward protection for children during serious accidents when children grow up, learn skating, are active on the playground with friends and play sports, as a parent. But how is it, if an accident happens to the children? A targeted hedging about a private child accident insurance is very important. A serious accident can entail high financial burdens and the statutory accident insurance is not enough mostly because they usually only in the kindergarten or school or on the way there and back pay. Accidents in leisure of State protection does not attack, however. An optimum hedging provides children accident insurance with 24-hour cover, large insurance sums in various areas, significantly improved security conditions and of course a very reasonable price. Insurance broker Dipl.

ok. Karsten Werksnies: Is the offer variety of accident insurance policies for customers even hard to overlook. However, especially for the protection of children a sufficient insurance cover should be present be. If you find a cheap provider, a comprehensive accident protection for his child already receives for a low subscription fee. KIDS children accident insurance is comfort, for example, 6.85 euros available with a comprehensive service package.” Include large insurance sums, improved conditions, but important also for parents additional services such as the rooming at the hospital in the first place, i.e. one parent can stay as a companion with the child after an accident in the hospital. More information for children accident insurance as well as the possibility of an online contribution calculation including Sofortabschluss can be found on the website. Bergische Assekuranz broker Lise-Meitner-Strasse 5-9, 42119 Wuppertal Tel: 0202-317 13 155 fax: 0202-317 13 165 E-Mail: contact person for the press: Bogdan Kellinger the company Bergische insurance broker was founded by the diploma economists Bogdan Kellinger and Karsten Werksnies as an independent insurance broker.

With the website has focused specifically the company on the needs of private individuals and professionals, who would want no advice-bound insurance representatives an individual insurance company, but based on independent comparison calculations to get low-cost and high-performance offerings of from various companies. Bergische insurance broker has connections to more than 100 different insurance companies. There are special rates available for various professional groups such as students, trainees, graduates, or certain traders. In addition, all other age and occupational groups will advise comprehensive, fair, independent and competent. Since 1998 in the insurance industry are active customers via the Internet, by telephone and by post served – when preparing offers, as well as in the event of a claim. The strength of the Bergische insurance brokers is characterized by a very high market coverage, highly trained Employees and offers tailored to specific audiences out. With an individual analysis and the use of cutting-edge financial comparison software, customers are advised objectively and independently.