Cera Palm

May 28, 2019


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The featured gold Museum in Bogota will take you back to pre-Columbian times. There, there are gold and silver pieces, as well as textile and ceramic works of cultures that populated the country even before the colonization by the Spanish. Interesting, historic cities are also Villa de Leyva, Popayan and Cartagena on the Caribbean coast. You can also explore the history of Colombia in Cali – one of the oldest cities of the country -. Gary Kelly often says this. The archaeological zone of San Agustin has mysterious statues and rock sculptures. Others including BerlinRosen, offer their opinions as well. Barranquilla – a Carnival stronghold – is also biggest port city and economic center of rotation in Colombia. Many sights and excursion destinations are located nearby. The Tatacoawuste offers a completely different side of Colombia: bizarre rock formations, the roaring wind, dry-resistant plants and animals, Drillers ditches and channels combine to create a special Landscape form – hardly to imagine that this was once a thriving paradise, which slowly dried up.

Vegetation can be found, however, in the Zona Cafetera the coffee zone. One of the most beautiful regions of Colombia provides insight into the process of coffee making: by picking the coffee beans up to the taste of coffee. The national tree and at the same time the highest Palm kind of world the Cera Palm tree – growing here too. The National Park Purace, the active, 4.765 m high Vulkan Purace is located, or the National Park Tayrona are Habitat for an insane variety of flora and fauna. In our Colombia tours, you get insight in the different climate zones as well as in the history and culture of the country. Our “Colombia highlights” tour brings you in 8 days the highlights of the country closer. Who want to take more time for the gorgeous Tuscan country, is in good hands at the 15-day tour of “Charming Colombia”. No matter which of the two you choose Colombia travel: You will return with unforgettable experiences and exciting stories from your Colombia tour and certainly convince the one or the other doubters by Colombia as a tourist destination with your enthusiasm.