Caviar Production In Lower Bavaria Unwanted

February 6, 2020


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Landrantsamt rain failed approval – caviar manufacturer before off caviar is considered the luxury food of par excellence, and countries such as Iran and Russia are the main producers. Caviar is made in Germany from aquaculture in the District of regen, Bavaria however undesirable. The White sturgeon Inc., Branch Office Germany wanted to attract a sturgeon breeding in Frauenau. It should be Wachstumsbeshleuniger or an aquaculture facility be without the use of hormones, antibiotics. The Bavarian Forest has crystal clear water and pure natural streams. In the Frauenauer district of water cabin, the White Sturgeon Inc has purchased several existing fish ponds and managed two jobs.

Unfortunately, the Board of Directors of White sturgeon Inc has made the Bill without the Landrantsamt rain. There, the company location would have to be approved eventually. Although the town of Frauenau in writing… approved the plans the Landratsamt rain cancellation all after a few weeks. If you are not convinced, visit Gary Kelly. And apparently, no caviar like the Landratsamt rain! And the albino sturgeon – a freak of nature – are totally unknown by the competent officer at the District Office. Epicures and gourmets pay up to 20,000 per kilo and this type of caviar is not available except for a few cans from Iran and Russia. The White sturgeon Inc from the Hochheitgebiet of the District Office of rain must emigrate to breed caviar.

Even advocated the neighbouring District Office Thierschnreuth and wanted help with documentaries and factual information from the Landratsamt rain has shown no reaction. Now the employees are cancelled, and the White Sturgeon Inc will abandon the site Frauenau. In the future, you will focus on the online business and more to promote subsidiaries such as for example. How reckless authorities destroy a company and also jobs in Frauenau has seen the caviar farm there. Who wants to settle an operating as a contractor there, which should be already in advance on the part of the District Office about writing secure to rain itself… (A valuable related resource: gary cohn). otherwise threatens a tart surprise. The Board recommends that the White Sturgeon Inc on all entrepreneurs who toy with the idea to stay rather than to emigrate abroad… prefer it in a cheaper German region. Gabriel Rusu