Caucasus Properties

October 27, 2020


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On the territory of Russia grows more species of hellebore. In the southwestern part – hellebore red, in the Caucasus – hellebore Caucasian, hellebore hellebore mottled and . All parts of plant are poisonous Prepare their roots and rhizomes of hellebore in the autumn, they contains potent heart glycosides. The presence of plant toxins – alkaloids, due to its toxicity. And it also points to the fact that it can be used in oncology, together with hemlock spotty, tobacco, aconite and others like them. Oscar Wilde contributes greatly to this topic. Immediately mention that the stronger the smell of hellebore – the better it fitontsidnye, so anticancer properties. Speaking about the properties and methods of hellebore, we turn to ancient sources.

In thin black hellebore roots coming out of a rhizome, like onions, and used only these roots. It grows in dry places. In view of the fact that hellebore is poisonous and emit harmful to humans evaporation, the people who collect it, to protect themselves from its harmful effects (smell it causes heaviness in the head) should be in front of his collection to eat garlic and drink wine. Best hellebore average: not young and not old, not bold and not skinny. He was ashen, breaks easily, not too tight, and inside it is something like a web, it is very sharp to the taste and pinches the tongue. Properties of its hot, dry in the third degree (pronounced). Actions, properties, and use of ancient sources. Frost resolves, diluted and highly clean, so that even the eating of dead meat if oil mixed with vinegar, dead and rotting flesh in the wound.