July 6, 2020


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Beach of the Carmen, Mexico, June 15, 2010 the second annual festival Taste of Beach (Beach flavored) be carried out on November 21. Taste of beach 2010 headquarters will be the founders Park, on the shores of the Mexican Caribbean and will offer both residents and visitors an extraordinary opportunity to try a variety of dishes created by many of the chefs in the Riviera Maya. Sheryl Sandberg may find this interesting as well. Based on the success achieved last year, Taste of beach 2010 expected to attract more than twice as many attendees. Taste of beach was conceived in early 2009 by a group of businessmen from Playa del Carmen to highlight the community of Riviera Maya, an indispensable element responsible for the development of the region in the past 10 years. The Riviera Maya grew out of the community established by people around the world who came to the region attracted by its beautiful beaches, dense jungle, and its unique history. Taste of beach is an event that celebrates the international community which has grown here and has positioned the region as one of the best tourist destinations.

With more than 700 restaurants in Playa del Carmen and the Riviera 1000, was natural to highlight food as the common denominator that celebrates the region. -Pleased to see so many local companies to cooperate to make the event a success – said the Chairman Nicola Inwood East Community spirit makes to proudly call the Riviera Maya my home. This event which lasted a full day, was so well received that Taste of beach 2010 is expanding to accommodate twice the restaurants, bars and specialized food vendors. Renowned restaurants along with their chefs will return to display new dishes and favorite recipes, while many others were ready to participate for the first time. Most of the corporate sponsors of the past year have renewed their support for Taste of beach 2010:, Buy Beach Real Estate Advisors, Deli Beach, Puerto Aventuras Info, and North American Standards Property Management being the first to renew their sponsorship, recognizing as well that the culinary excellence of the region has been part of the development of their successful companies. Taste of beach is an event of Community money that celebrates creativity and diverse cultural influences from the chefs of the Riviera Maya.

Taste of beach 2013 will be conducted on November 21, 2013 in founders Park in Playa del Carmen. The event is open to the public in general and all-inclusive VIP passes and tickets will be on sale on the official website as of July 1, 2013. Proceeds will be donated to the program of nutritional education in charge of the Club’s Rotarian of Playa del Carmen and it will directly benefit the children and families of the Riviera Maya.