Car-spring-check: The Smart Hobbyist Saves

March 14, 2019


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Summer tyres and co. mouse click in the reverse auction site buy Grosswallstadt, April 2, 2008 Spring is Schrauberzeit. If the last snowfall at Easter are passe, you see them again on the side of the road, in parking lots or in the self-help workshop: the motorists who take the spring spa for your vehicle into their own hands and retool their favorite summer. You enjoy not only the result of their own hands work, but also about the saved cost of the workshop. An abrupt end takes their joy however, if they are overtaken by the prices of spare parts. The TEILeHABER are a bright spot for all amateur mechanics who want to go to the dark winter days not in the case of costs. Under, they get everything they need for the spring cure of their cars for Germany’s first Ruckwartsauktionshaus for car parts, accessories and tuning parts. Moth-eaten engine parts, worn windshield wipers or down the driven tires are no longer a problem of salt.

Also the excuse the high costs is no longer applicable, when it comes to maintain safety and value of the mobile base. For more information see this site: Oracle. Because in the part owners, you can save up to 50% and more. Of course, motorists on the part of owners not only to the spring-check are just right. Our portal is the meeting point on the Internet for all Teilesuchenden and suppliers”, explains the founder Philipp Packheiser. Over 250 qualified dealers cover the entire range of new and used parts for cars, in addition to the General need for everyday cars, special parts for classic cars or other rarities are to get.” The Teilehaber are those who take the wrench only twice a year in the hand, a special help.

Because the query is fast thanks to user-friendly menu navigation with a few clicks of the mouse and just done. And it is one of the many who do not know where to find the KBA key of the own vehicle, then the Teilehaber help expertly one. is the first German-speaking Ruckwartsauktionshaus of automotive parts, accessories and tuning parts. Replacement part seekers submit their demand for the desired part via the Internet platform, wait how beaten to traders with their offerings and finally decide for the best deal. There are no registration fees and membership fees on the owners of part of, only for successful sales, sellers pay a small Commission. Premium dealer benefit offerings as its own mini home page for a small fee. Buying and selling of spare parts through works simply, quickly and safely.