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February 8, 2020


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The reason is the lack of information, such as portfolios that use the provided vending machines. Learn more about this with gary cohn. In this "strange" changes occur in the accounts of some vending machines, such as changing the deposit, plus many times more than the yield for the entire period. Very interesting to see the results for the six-month period, control machines and we can compare at least a drawdown of the month is not enough "That is why an organizer and an independent" referee "the tournament – Investment Company zerich Capital Management, which managed to combine for the tournament software developers of automated trading systems, has made the contest open-ended – it can go a year or more to provide users with the widest possible basis for the analysis of trading robots. However, first conclusions can be drawn up to one month of trading, which is preparing another representative of the laboratory control of robots "- Yuri Chebotarev: "I want to express my admiration for a team of ic zerich Capital Management, which was first arranged for an independent competition" Battle of trading robots. We must pay tribute to the company for its insightful look into the future. Of course, one month is not enough to take stock serious outcome. I want to say only the following.

The stock market can not be controlled prices, as you can not manage the arbitration spreads. The stock market can be only one – manage risk. The one who can construct an algorithm that will have the lowest risk asset management, and he will get the most attractive result for serious investors. " The Battle of trading robots "continues to competition site -. The competition is open to observers as well as for new entrants.