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September 11, 2020


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Smallest of the race dogs to schnauzer it must like official name zwergschnauzer, consequence of its country of origin, Germany. This word in German comes to say dwarf, and of there its denomination of schnauzer miniature, mini, or dwarf. The Cinolgica Federation the International classifies to this small dog in group II, along with great molosoides and other dogs of guard and defense, being one of the smallest races of this group. The race arose in Germany at the end of century XIX and its initial intention was to be a copy in miniature of the original size (the one that nowadays would be the medium one). The first dogs miniature had great similar with the called race to affenpinscher.Originally the colors were very not defined until the first standards began to do officials of the race settling down the solid black and the miniature you leave and pepper. Later in the second decade of century XX the evolution of colors would take to also recognize the black and silver, and the target. Its appearance is similar a medium the one of and the giant one, but obvious – in a smaller size. Its height to the cross is included/understood between the 30 and 35 centimeters, and usually goes up to around a weight that is between the 4 and 8 kilos. Schnauzer miniature is a compact and strong dog, of squared proportion, with a head that is equivalent in the middle of the length of the body. Its character is cheers, always arranged to play, intelligent, near its proprietors, adapts to diverse atmospheres. Except for the maintenance of the hair it will not require of great needs, and his longevity around the 15 years, with a health that generally usually is good turns, it into ideal like company dog, without for that reason it loses his original dowries like utility dog.