Bysrovozvodimye Hangars

March 17, 2018


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Have you ever wondered why a prefabricated sheds have become very popular today? And actually, this is caused by the fact that this type of building is much cheaper than similar traditional object. Also popularity of prefabricated sheds and lies in the title: they were quickly erected. Technical progress did not escape this kind of buildings. To date, there are many developments on the production steel structures and panels for prefabricated hangars. The biggest demand they use in commercial organizations that need to quickly build a hangar and get to work.

The use of lightweight Panel meets all structural and engineering requirements, making them reliable and safe. Also, this type of hangar has a very interesting and modern design, insulated panels will not allow people to freeze, thus creating good conditions for life and work. All designs that are applied during installation of prefabricated sheds, differ in thickness along the profile and by appointment. For example, since called syn-beams, which are know-how in construction, much lighter than conventional constructions, but the strength they are not something that does not concede, and even surpass them. There are quite a lot of other technical especially in the construction of prefabricated sheds like compound structures by welding and bolts. Striking is the fact that basically all the panels are joined using heavy duty bolts and screws, and Now comes the tendency of non-welding.

There are two basic types of installation of prefabricated sheds. The first is that the imported steel, windows, doors and other necessary items. In place manufactured metal frame, which panels. A second type of assembly is characterized by the fact that the location of future buildings brought already assembled structures, which are collected into a single object directly on the construction site. It should be noted that this method is used mainly in the construction of light structures.