Construction of the roof with his hands during a plan of the roof determine the distance between the rafters is already in the planning stage is necessary to reflect on the implementation details of the roof. If, for example, between the rafters provides laying insulation between the rafters then the distance must be chosen so that the insulating material can be laid without the large number of segments (if possible, use wedges). Distances between rafters play an important role in arranging the windows in the roof plane. Anyone who can skillfully combine a window in the roof plane to the distance between the rafters, he may refuse to replace the carrier bearings embedded in the beams roof. The distance between the rafters in one meter allows even to embed a small dormer window. Tip: dormer windows look beautiful, but there are also a lot of money and time. At large distances between the rafters are required respectively, more powerful strip sheathing.

Their sizes (eg 4 to 6 cm) expects statics. What to do if not maintained the standard roof pitch? For each roofing material there is a standard pitch. Under this understand the lower boundary of the roof slope in which the coating has proven sufficient water resistance. Examples: for tiles, depending on the type – from 22 to 25 , for a flat roof tiles – 30 . If you are not complied with these boundary value, then additional measures, such as the construction of a canopy (wood paneling in the rafters).