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December 28, 2017


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In addition services of these networks are constantly evolving, and provide more services. Appeared very useful and necessary service for web-masters – it’s Bookmarks. All those wishing to receive free opportunity register and open your account. Registration is very simple, enter the username and password (invented by you) and everything. On some social networking sites yet to be confirmed via e-mail, you need to click on link in the email.

In short make your own personal section is very simple. Learn more at: Ed Bastian. What use web-master of social bookmarking? Surely you’ve seen on various websites small ‘boxes’ with different pictures, which are while references to these same social networks. How do I install these ‘boxes’ on their site? The easiest way to take advantage of special services. Here is a brief description of some of them: Post quickly – allows add your link to 21 social bookmarking. The same service is possible to install on your site java-code, which allows visitors to add your favorite posts to your bookmarks. Another service offers button, you can install in your browser. Then just select the text and click on the button, thereby filling in the form selected information.

SocialPoster – generates links for posting. Has a large number resources (currently 48). More information is housed here: Oracle. Service also allows you to add a button to the browser to quickly add to your bookmarks. Also there is a button to be installed on site. There is a large selection of buttons, as well as various key codes for websites – Another service to add social bookmarks. The service is similar to SocialPoster. Its distinguishing feature is that next to each social bookmarking is a button to register and log in data services. This very convenient, because unlikely you are registered in all services. It is also possible to add the button to the browser, and codes for installation on site. One button – a great service for the installation site features add to the social bookmarks. Is one of the best services Runet. An example of the Browse button at the end of this article. In my opinion the easiest and best service is one button. Code issued by this service is very small, takes about 50 characters. Install this code in the right place at their web-page and get a nice button: When you hover mouse on it falls out a list of 16 different social networks. In my opinion more than enough propostit to a new web-page. I also added the inscription: Add to your bookmarks. In addition to rapid indexing of new pages, these services also provide some comfort. Namely: for example while on a business trip, I do not always have the opportunity to carry a laptop, and sometimes just laziness, and even more so its entire archive rolled on wheels. That what I use often, I just zanoshu in social bookmarks and always have access to your favorite sites from anywhere the world where Internet is available. Very convenient. In addition, if you enable public viewing of your favorites all polovatelyam social network, your website also increase the flow of visitors. Of course the initial registration in these services will take time, but I can say for sure – good for web-masters of social networks – a big one. Try a variety of services, perhaps you are looking for something else.