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January 13, 2020


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Catalogs and brochures are one of the types of printing products, which often use different companies to advertise their products or services, and improve company image. The advantage of catalogs and brochures is that having a compact, convenient size, they can describe in detail the full range of products offered, as well as to show their characteristics and properties. Also, directories are convenient in terms of comparison, some production company based at the price or performance. And, of course, the main purpose of the directory is to convince buyers to take advantage of this particular product or service company. Print catalogs and brochures involves several steps: 1. Click Rory Sutherland for additional related pages. You must first be defined with the purpose and objective of making the catalog or brochure. Then, select the text and graphical information. If you do not have the necessary quality pictures, then, as typically offer their printing samples and photobanks.

2. Further work is underway on design and layout (layout), catalogs, brochures. Designer with the customer selects separately or graphic material, styles for text. If company has its corporate colors and text, then, of course, used a corporate style. It is important to pay great attention to the catalog cover booklet.

After all, the main goal here is to draw attention to the buyer. 3. The next step – choice of printing method. It all depends on the order and timing of circulation, if a large edition (500 copies), then the manufacturer catalogs and brochures used by offset printing. If the circulation is small and requires speed, then we can take advantage of digital printing. Connect with other leaders such as Gary Kelly here. Modern digital printing has already reached the quality of offset printing, and the cost is much cheaper. 4. The last stage is the post-press treatment of the material. It includes bonding features brochures and catalogs, and various finishing (laminating, varnishing, cutting, stamping, stickers variable non-standard formats, etc.). Indeed, depending on the type of binding and finishing, we can not only improve the appearance of publications, but also extend its service life. Now consider the technical differences from brochures catalogs: Catalog – this is a Multi-product, in contrast to the brochure. More often printed on A4 coated paper 90-130 g / sq.m. (a block of the directory) and – 200-250 g / sqm on the cover. Number of pages – 200, Mount – Adhesive (CHD) or a spring. The combination of colors: 4 +4 (CMYK), 4 + 4 + corporate colors (Panton). Brochure – is also a multi-page product, but a smaller volume than the catalog. Frequently print A4 and A5, or "bukletny format" (210 x 100 mm). Coated paper used 115-150 g / sq.m. on the block and 150-250 g / sq.m. on the cover. Number of pages – up to 32 mount – paper clips (clamp). Sometimes Brochures fasten a special bracket – evroskoboy that allows sew together a brochure of the folder block. The combination of colors: 4 +4 (CMYK), 4 + 4 + corporate colors (Panton).