Bridging Loans: Filling The Financial Gap!

January 25, 2015


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Bridging loans are the secured loans that are meant for people who are going to sell and purchase a property. You must be wondering what bridging loans are? There are many people who sell out their old properties and buy a new one. Sometimes, these people are eager to move into their new properties, but they are unable to sell their existing property as no one available for purchasing this time is it at, one can avail the bridging loans. Bridging loans are the loans in which you are taking the loan amount by placing your property as collateral against the loan taken. Thus, the bridging loans are secured loans. People with good or bad credit history can avail these loans very easily. As these loans are made available to the people with bad credit record, they get a chance to create a good credit record by making the repayment of loan on time. Good loan amount can be availed through bridging loans.

The amount that you can avail amount that ranges from 100000 to 400000. repayment of the loans can be done from one to ten months. You don’t have to wait long for the loan to get approved. They are availed easily without any hassle to fulfill your need. Rate of interest is higher in this loan. These loans act as a great short term financial help for self-fulfilling the financial gap between selling and purchasing of a property. Applying for the loan is not a tough task. Priority is to select a reliable lender that can make you available bridging loans.

There are many calendar who are making these loans available. But one must go through all the terms and conditions before making a choice of a particular lender. This will help to avoid any risk in future. One can go online and go through these lender, their conditions, rate of interest on which they are making the loan available to the borrowers. Once you form have applied for the bridging loan by filling up on application, the whole loan amount will get transferred into the borrower’s active bank account within two to three days. If you are planning to purchase a new property and unable to sell your old property, go for bridging loans. They want to fulfill all your finance needs. Addy Roy is author of loans n finance. For more information about 500 pound instalment loans and personal loans visit