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October 25, 2020


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The experience of Yale University. The horror that people most experienced when it was discovered what had happened in nazi Germany during World War II was often accompanied by virtuous affirmations in the sense that one thing never would have been able to happen here, that we would have not allowed such atrocities. Not would have we allowed him ever? What happened in nazi Germany? We are all capable of being irrational? To what extent? Who draws the limites? One of the most chilling articles I’ve read appeared in the form of a critique written by psychiatrist Ralph Crawshaw on the book by Fred J. Cook, published by Macmillan titled: the corrupt country: the social morality of modern America. Crawshaw wrote: In essence, Cook tells us in the corrupt country that Americans have abandoned their personal morality by a collective, institutionalized morality. They have abandoned the reflexive conviction by committed sentimentality and popularity, i.e. responsibility for obedience.

Bitter medicine, certainly. Always we can shelter us behind the fact that has no statistical evidence that this is a mere personal print yours, that, in reality, does not have too much in the end. (Source: Adam Portnoy). O Yes does it? I quote a fragment of the critical sobre a Crawshaw report on a research project carried out by Stanley Milgram at Yale University, which provides evidence in response to this question: Stanlev Milgrarn in Yale investigations begin to put a scientific basis to the deductions of Cook. Milgrarn carried out a series of psychological experiments on obedience. He took a variety of male population sample adult (aged 20 to 50) of Bridgeport, Connecticut, which had from unskilled to professional workers. The experiment aimed to determine to what extent a person would be willing to punish another in dc orders fulfilment, but it was falsely presented as a scientific study carried out by the company Bridgeport Research Associates on teaching techniques.