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April 19, 2020


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The remedy for the Brazilian public debt divides It Brazilian public suffers badly of one has varies decades. All illness has a symptom, a cause and a remedy. We go to analyze the symptom of the Brazilian public debt, to discover the cause and to apply the remedy. The SYMPTOM the symptoms of the Brazilian debt are the high paid interests currently for the clod roller of the debt. In day 13 of August of 2002, as news article of the periodical Leading Brazilian business newspaper, the Central banking paid 33,73% interests to the year to roll US$2,5 billions in papers, almost the double of the primary interest of 18% to the year of 2002, while in the period of 1970 the 1980 Brazil caught money in the international market of 10% 12% to the year and currently it catches around 13,50% to the year.

However in the past, in the national market it obtained to catch with well lesser taxes, this before losing the internal credibility and having that to appeal to international the financial market of which he was hostage of the great financial groups that loan the high taxes of interests, since it has ways to execute the debt through pressure of the international organisms such as, FMI, World Bank, BIRD. It divides it Brazilian public was created in 15 of November of 1827, through the creation of the Sinking fund. The first emission was in the year of 1828, a total of 12.000 headings of a story of kings or a million of kings, the interests of 6% to the year, being the rescue established in one hundred years to the base of 1% to the year. In period 1900 the 1958, the paid interests in the emission of the internal public headings had basically been of 5% to the year, existing some, as the obligations of war of 1942 that they paid 6% interests to the year and in the external headings the paid interests were of 4% 5% to the year.