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May 22, 2018


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The book Chronic of Fire and Ice: The War of the Tronosa is a history that if passes in the medieval age, where Westeros is the world that was dominated by the ghosts and dragons forgotten in the mist it time. George R.R. Martin created with perfection this landscape and portraied faithful as if he passed the Average Age, inhabited for the warriors, noblemen, knights, ladies and the typical personages of this period. For backwards of this world, the descendants of the old ancestries are anxious to retake the power, and for this they are made use to derrmar much blood with its swords. The last name, the heading of somebody at that time, made much difference and determined its degree of being able and influence on excessively.

‘ ‘ Chronicles of Fire and Ice: The War of the Tronos’ ‘ it deals with this accurately. In this workmanship the intense emotions of a human being are portraied all that can be despertadas by the search for the power as the disloyalty, ambition and treachery. The Seven Kingdoms of Westeros were very well governed during many centuries for the Targaryen, the Kings of Dragon. However with the arrival of the reign of Aerys II, known as ‘ ‘ The Louco’ ‘ , it had a revolt that one initiated with the Eddard Stark and Robert Baratheon to free the people of this ensandecido leader, thus appearing a new dynasty commanded for Robert. During many years, intense heats were guaranteed in the Kingdom, however the winter threatened to return, and with it came an old fear. The land that before was magical, now was threatened by two descendants of the old monarch of the chaste one of the dragons.

The plot of the War of the Thrones is divided in three centers of action, each one with its historical figures, environment and distinct histories. The prologue already starts with sufficient action and the reader already if it feels attracted and intrigued by the book, and to each page it deals, more intense is these emotions. History starts 15 years Robert after to have assumed the throne. The reader must be intent to each nuance of the book to obtain to understand this universe all created by Martin. Many people are believing that Martin are the new Tolkien, author of the trilogy Mr. of Rings. Leaving this of side, it he has its proper style and a writing not found in diverse authors. Net HBO will make seriado on this Saga and will be shown in the televisions. Eddard Stark, one of the leaders whom end to the government of the Dragons put, will be interpreted by Sean Bean, that also interpreted the Boromir Mr. of Rings. Osha will be interpreted by Natalia Tena, it interpreted the Tonks witch of the film Harry Potter. The Leya Publishing company published this series in Brazil. George (Raymond Richard) Martin, also known as GRRM, acts as scriptwriter and is one of the authors of vendidos books more of the sorts of scientific fiction, fancy and terror.