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February 5, 2018


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The computer system must recognize who it was communicated and what previously communicated. Reactions must take into account the current and past context. The system should respond to changes in the communication of intention. Flexibility is necessary for detection and provide possible alternatives in case of a problem not unique to be answered. It must have the ability to be able to process alternative statements”, Pape explains in conversation with NeueNachricht.

In addition, the comfort and simplicity of the self services must be taken. The system must be able to communicate easily and across many channels. It should make proposals, based on the understanding and context of the situation. “The intentions, backgrounds and the suffering ‘ of the communication partner must be anticipated”, says Pape. The whole is controlled by a virtual dialog manager. He is the brain of the system: strategist, controller, information assistant, salesperson: the dialog manager acts as a central point in the system, interpreted any request and forwards it to the other modules for processing.

He decides whether and how a question is asked and how incoming requests are answered. This artificial intelligence-based component containing dynamic strategies, which can be called depending on the respective situation”Pape continued. So, you could book a flight to London, then ask for the temperatures, and after receiving the reply again turn to the flight booking. Rule-based and heuristic wenn…dann “queries made it possible to communicate complex information the customer: the price quoted are only two printers available, but for an extra charge of 50 euros I can offer four more printers, which are faster and better”. Genesys software specialist relies on the concept of intelligent customer front door”, to better meet customer needs. Voice-driven menus would offer very often undifferentiated choice: The customer is caught in the maze of options and must call again and start from scratch. In the worst case, the language solution even from the line throws him. Add to that the customer must listen to all options of the language computer, before deciding “, so the experience of Genesys Manager Henry Wallace. The voice recognition system would work rather than intelligent lobby. Modern systems break the rigid barrier between self-service and call center agents. They allow both, and the company can switch back and forth, so how it set the business rules. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. There priorities can also be defined. So get a bank customer who has lost his credit card to an agent, as someone who would bring only the current dollar exchange rate in experience faster. Not the gold -, silver – or bronze-status of the caller is then crucial, but the urgent need”, says Wallace.