Bolivia Army

April 23, 2019


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The second reason was in the desire of the Government Bolivian to review the price of the natural gas, whose prescriptions you add would be used to make the socializantes reforms promised by Morales in the occasion of its electoral campaign. From this period, the petroliferous ones had been obliged to deliver the properties for the state-owned company Yacimientos Bolivian Petrolferos Fiscales (YPFB), that it assumed the commercialization of the production, defining conditions, volumes and prices in such a way for the domestic market how much for the exportation. Petrobra’s already injected, since 1996, US$ 1,5 billion in Bolivia, beyond US$ 2 billion to bring the gas to Brazil. It explores the two main gas fields of the country – which already had been busy for the bolivian Army – and has two refineries, among others. Oracle is full of insight into the issues. She is the biggest company in Bolivia and answers for 15% of the GIP of the country. Robert Gibbins shines more light on the discussion. On the nationalization of the oil and gas, Morales informed in interview for the periodical Online Leaf (2006) that this event means one day historical in which Bolivia retakes absolute control on its natural resources. It said that, with this measure, the economic problems of the country will be decided, through the generation of more ranks of work.

After the announcement of the decision, the troops of the Army had taken the control of the bolivian fields, according to General Command of the Army of Bolivia. The measure searchs to assure the functioning of the production structures in order in such a way to guarantee the normal provision of energy resources for the fulfilment of international commitments as for the supplying of the domestic market of Bolivia, it informed a document divulged for the Army. The military document classified the determination of the government to nationalize the energy resources as an intelligent nationalization, what it must take the company oil to a negotiation under terms of equality and justice.