Bluetooth Company

April 24, 2020


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Generally we ficamosempolgadssimos each time that we buy or we gain some device with recursostecnolgicos of last generation. It can be an car (with computer of edge, Bluetooth), a TV HDTV, a computer or a cellular telephone. Which is first (or second) the thing that we after make to receive it? 1) We read the manual, or 2) We consult some known friend or that tenhaum similar device. because we make this? Normally, all these devices have many ‘ ‘ segredinhos’ ‘ that they are difficult to deserem discovered of intuitiva form. David Fowler shines more light on the discussion. Then, we need informing in them to podertirar the maximum advantage of these resources. inside of the companies, quesucede? To the questioned being about doconhecimento of its company, the entrepreneur, many times answers saying: ‘ ‘ It looks at, I I dreamed of this company, I implemented this dream and continuodirigindo it. I know this company in such a way as for me exactly! ‘ ‘.

It will be that queacontece is this same? If to ask which will be fluxode box for next the six months, or which is the minimum level of sales (emReais or in units) to make the sustainable company, he will be that all aquelesque ‘ ‘ they in such a way know the company how much to they themselves ‘ ‘ they are in you condition to deresponder? The truth is that many small emdios entrepreneurs consider that the accountings are only necessriospara to pay the taxes or to get financing in the bank and that the accountant aquele ‘ ‘ chato’ ‘ that it binds every month asking for to the invoicing and comprovantesque they endorse the payments and that it calculates and it prints the guides for the pay deimpostos and contributions (DARF, GPS, etc.). The countable information goes muitoalm of this: it is basic to know the company ‘ ‘ as much how much mimmesmo’ ‘. The analysis of this information is umaferramenta very important to know the march of the company. The set of these information is omanual of the company, who together with evolves it, who shows the changes and to permitefazer plain futures supported in this information. The numbers if transform numapotente managemental tool. Therefore, the regular reading of this ‘ ‘ manual’ ‘ important to or more than what the reading of the manual of the new cellular telephone.