July 7, 2018


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You’ve heard, quite possibly, to get something that you want, it should be repeated that thought of what you want many times. The repetitions are the message of what you want to your subconscious mind. Therefore, if you apply the appropriate methods, you can get wealth, success, happiness, and anything they want with positive affirmations. But most methods to formulate statements are slow and some inadequate because they take into account only the conscious. So their claims are running quickly you should involve both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind.

The statements on reverse method is the only method that takes into account these parts of his mind to obtain an agreement between their minds. This agreement gives your mind of an extraordinary power, doing everything materializes quickly in his life. If you have not used this method to meet your goals, perhaps failed what you want and may need a little help to manifest what you want. What many people do not understand fully, is that to achieve what you want, must be viewed and repeated that is desired to awaken a sense of achievement, an emotion of having already achieved what you want. For many people, it is difficult to feel that they have something, when it has not yet appeared in their lives. Feeling arises spontaneously have already created something mentally and have taken possession of it but only in the mind.

But that feeling of possession, that security of having achieved something, can be carried out if certain appropriate areas of the brain are stimulated. As well as drinking alcohol activates certain areas of the brain that produce a momentary euphoria, or eat foods that we ate when we were kids activate certain areas of the brain that makes us feel good, there are certain areas of the brain to activate them induce a feeling of accomplishment, a sense of possession of something that is desired. The question would be then how inducing this state of achievement, having already achieved what you want? How to act directly on the precise area of the brain to induce this State of achievement? Science has made tremendous progress in his knowledge regarding the Chandler and moods. Thanks to that it has discovered that the brain is easily affected by the sound. For example, it is known that classical music induces States of bliss in some people in some people. The studies led to the discovery of tones or binaural pulses, which are a special type of audio, Binaural audio. In this type of audio unite two different tones in a same audio. Each tone aimed at one ear specific, is therefore required to listen to these audio using headphones. The brain receives two independent sounds and then binds together them into a single sound. That final tone is completely different from the originals and produces the desired changes in the brain. For example that tone can be controlled to achieve deep States of meditation, to wake up, to emulate the effects of alcohol, and to achieve the feeling of accomplishment that makes it possible to practically feel what you want. Feel what you want, you know that thing You will soon get because you induce the feeling, the emotion of being owner of what you want. Any effort of manifestation, any effort to achieve abundance, success and happiness will produce best results if you use binaural audio.