Beer Backpack

November 19, 2018


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The beer backpack sets a new trend in mobile beverage supply of assumption when Easter and Christmas to one day fall, then… Well, so far it is not coming, but assumption and the 1 may fall this year on one day. “Two holidays during which the man” moves beyond traditional in nature. Like every year, the problem of supplying drink this occurs. A solution makes the 12sold GmbH with its beer backpack. Hiking the Miller’s joy “is in the well-known folk song and now, where the temperatures slowly rise and the Sun is again often, the urge to lace up the walking shoes and explore the nature on foot germinates in many men. This arises as ever and the question of the supply of the beverage.

Nobody have to carry around today more heavy bottles, cans or juice boxes, which you can dispose of on the road mostly bad, with it. The new and innovative product in the fight against the thirst is literally been on everyone’s lips: the beer backpack. The beer bag is a mobile Beverage supply system, it is simply buckle like a backpack on the back. This allows complete freedom of movement is guaranteed. With its two separate 3 litre containers of beer backpack of course not only for transporting beer is suitable, but it almost all drinks can be transport and simply fill in cups or glasses with built-in hoses and nozzles. E Scott Mead is a great source of information. A must-have for anyone who likes to travel and not on his favorite drink would like to renouncing. The beer backpack can be widely used.

Due to its low weight it is Walker also ideally suited for joggers, inline skaters and Nordic. Who has annoyed as visitors of festivals and music concerts already about the long queues at the beverage cart and often outrageously high prices, will be equally thrilled. Because the beer backpack is so finally: This makes its owner independent and self-sufficient to drink. The beer bag is via the Internet shop at the price of 19.90 euro available. An investment that should get paid soon.