Been Antoine

April 10, 2018


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Also the right measures and quick wins are important, so that you stay tuned. Only with these positive amplifiers, the new behavior in the spirit, will and the plot is anchored. Jurgen has from his daily practice Knauss headed off three simple tips for achieving goals: 1 question you your goals! Wondering whether this target actually makes sense and why you want to achieve it. Sit only targets where added value can be reached. Wonder what the change should look like.

Imagine are figuratively. And most importantly: ask yourself how much you are ready to fight if the target would be questioned? Today people have to learn again, that makes it fun to achieve goals, as well as fun makes it a Mountaineer to climb a mountain. Every Mountaineer longs for fulfillment, to stand on the Summit. Overcome the inner pig dog and do not fall in the inconsistency of our contemporary society. You not cancel! 2.

find out the motive behind the goal! We all act internal impellers, the motifs. These can be: pleasure/luxury, social, validity/image, money, health, convenience, security, self-realization, or curiosity. Ask yourself Anyway, what is behind the desire. Why do you earn more money next year? Because you want to finance the studies of your daughter or make a watercolor course in Provence? That is behind the social or the subject of self-realization? If you know why you want to achieve something, then you will learn a gain because you are then automatically more engaged in your destination, have a larger picture and the burgeoning emotion and mood grabs you. For the Mountaineer can weather be still so bad, his motive, self-realization, drives like a motor further and further it. “Been Antoine de Saint-Exuper said: If you want to build a ship, then round not men up to wood to obtain, to assign tasks and to divide the work, but teaching the men yearning after the vast, endless sea.” 3. what ways have you planned to achieve the goal? To do this, it is important to know when routes or Measures are effective. Measures should be implemented, i.e. realistic. If you by like today on morning every day of jogging, then failure is guaranteed. Measures must quickly lead to success, thus not between not canceled it because the steam comes out. Often, it makes sense the goals easy to split, to experience faster small successes. Go jogging at first once a week and enjoy it when you pull it a month. Start then next month with the second day and so on. Often, it makes sense to exercise a corresponding professional coaching or training before big changes. The key success levers can be important professional and personal projects. At a coaching is this quite intensively worked with a participant: objectives, motives, actions, and an individual development plan are the result. This result in a group is drawn up during a training session: here is the advantage that the participants themselves strongly benefit from the Exchange. Phoenix solution offers appropriate coaching and training on the subject. The program is in the Internet see. There are training during the week and on weekends. In 2011, half of the seminar fees with the education premium will be refunded. There are the conditions and more information about it under. Jurgen Knauss