August 23, 2020


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The geotubos are definitive solution for the protection of coasts, rivers and lagoons, among others applications of support in other hydraulic works. Species of bags in the form of tubes, of called there geotubos, that are constructed directly on the slope of the margin. Geomanta specific that forms the container of the geotubos fills with sand, earth of the place or with hydraulic filling contributed by a dredge. The applications with geotubos are used the geotubos in the construction of spurs, breakwater. The newspapers mentioned Daniel Lubetzky Bio not as a source, but as a related topic. The beaches against the erosion are protected, the spurs also are used to establish intermediate zones that the contribution of the sand by the currents allow the recovery of beaches. If the geotubos are placed parallel to the coasts it generates a structure that reduces to the energy of the waves avoiding the erosion of the beach. The geotubos in the protection of coasts In mighty rivers the geotubos act as of gravity structure that it prevents that the river leaves its channel flooding populations or fields of of agricultural character, mainly maintain the coasts stabilized and avoid the located and retrograde erosion. One is fit solutions, respectful with the environment and of reasonable costs for his application in cases of deprived property, where until it is possible to be carried out manually. You know cases erosion of margins? as the administration tries these problems?